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21-Day KickStart begins May 21st

Delicous Food and Great Results have never been easier

Learn how to apply the Ketogenic diet in a way that is easy, delicious and effective.

Stick to the plan with guidance, motivation, and support for trained fitness professionals.

Space is very limited. First come first served. Submission of this form does not guarantee a space.*

Look Your Best

The keto diet will put you in full fat-burning mode. By teaching your body to burn fat instead of carbs you'll get lean and toned like never before.

Feel Your Best

Originally created for epilepsy, keto has incredible benefits to the brain. Increased clarity and focus, less frequent headaches, improved memory, and way more energy.

Without The Hassle

Because you're no longer running on glucose(blood sugar) there's no need to eat on a rigid schedule. And if you really want to make it easy we'll provide your meals for you!

What is the Keto KickStart?

The Keto KickStart is a personalized 3-week ketogenic nutrition program designed to help you lose weight, gain energy, reduce pain, and feel amazing.

Our clients are like you. You want to feel strong, attractive and prepared for anything. You don't just want those results for a few weeks, you want them permanently. You want to find a strategy that delivers results without a ton of hassle because let's face it... You've got a lot going on.

That's why we've created the Keto KickStart. Keto is a buzzword right now. There's a lot of information out there and it can be difficult to know how to do it right. We're here to cut through the fog and provide you with a simple and effective way to see great results without all the stress.






ProCore Fitness + Scratch Kitchen = Delicious RESULTS

Caitlin Lewis, Certified Food Coach

Caitlin is a certified food coach who's helped countless people reach their fitness goals. She's passionate about making nutrition fun and simple.

Justin Lewis, CPT, PES, CES, MAT

Justin is one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in DFW. He's worked with many of the top athlete's in the world. Now he's focused on helping hardworking moms and busy executives like you reach their health and fitness goals.

Ted Bilsky, Scratch Kitchen Head Chef

Ted is the owner and Head Chef of Scratch Kitchen. Southlake's #1 catering company. Ted loves making amazing food that puts a smile on everyone's face.

How much does the Keto KickStart cost?

Small Group Training and Scratch Kitchen prepared food available for additional purchase.

21-Day Keto KickStart


The first 10 to sign up will get the entire Keto KickStart for just $129! Space is limited so don't delay


Personalized meal plans, recipe's, menu's and grocery lists to make eating well a breeze.


1 on 1 weekly coaching and accountability to support you as you establish healthy habits.


Keto KickStart participants enjoy a 25% discount on all food prepared for your by Scratch Kitchen during the KickStart.

Add 21-Days of Small Group Training for Maximum Results!

Why add Small Group Training?

Lean and Tone Faster

Resistance training is critical to a fast metabolism. The problem is most people are unsure how to put together a safe and effective program to burn calories, strengthen the body, and avoid injury.

Small Class Size

Unlike bootcamps with cookie cutter programs that often lead to injury. We keep our class sizes to less than 8 people so we can give you the individual attention you need.

Fun Community

Segmentation will add another dimension to your marketing and sales efforts, allowing you to create custom journeys for your customers for better interaction.

Small Group Training Pricing

2 Session/Week


6 Small Group Training Sessions

Unlimited Gym Visits

Bonus: 1 Flexibility class per week

3 Sessions/Week


9 Small Group Training Sessions

Unlimited Gym Visits

Bonus: 1 Flexibility class per week

4 Sessions/Week


12 Small Group Training Sessions

Unlimited Gym Visits

Bonus: 1 Flexibility class per week

Let us know you'd like to add Small Group Training to your KickStart at sign up!


The combination of small group training and nutrition has truly been life changing! 

– Nicole K, Lost 21 lbs


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